Welcome to our series Nose Rings. We're bringing you the details of every type of ear piercing you could want. By the end, you’ll know your tragus from your conch, and you may have even been persuaded into taking the plunge. Because look at those jewel-adorned ears—it’s tempting, right? The conch piercing has always been high up on my lust list. But what is it body piercing jewelry prince albert? This type of cartilage piercing is named after the large spiral shell that ears sort of resemble. There's the inner conch piercing, which is where a hole is punctured right through the middle of the ear to make way for a stud. Then there’s the conch orbital, which allows a ring to go around the outer edge of the ear's cartilage. A conch piercing is beautiful, no doubt, but it's also intimidating.false stud nose ring After all, you're piercing solid cartilage there, and just the thought of the pain is enough to make many piercing enthusiasts (read: me) tremble.
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